Manufacturing Fabrication

PNJ Engineering specialises in manufacturing fabrication and has been transforming raw materials into finished products for customers for over 20 years, using various techniques, processes, and machinery. Manufacturing fabrication involves the creation, assembly, and use of components using various manufacturing methods.

The manufacturing and fabrication process typically involves the following steps:

1. Design: The first step in manufacturing fabrication is the design phase. PNJ Engineering works closely with clients, engineers, and design teams to work on detailed plans for the product.

2. Material selection: PNJ will advise on the appropriate materials for the product, taking into consideration their properties, cost, and suitability for the intended application.

3. Cutting and shaping: In this step, the selected materials are cut and shaped into the desired dimensions and forms. PNJ’s manufacturing techniques for this stage utilise innovative machinery for cutting; laser cutting may be used for a more precise finish for the desired shape.

4. Forming and bending: some of PNJ’s manufacturing fabrication processes involve shaping the materials through forming and bending; this is when PNJ’s state-of-the-art press braking machine is used.

Various specialised techniques, machinery, and technologies are employed when it comes to manufacturing and  fabrication. This is when PNJ’s metal fabrication expertise is on hand to help customers bring their designs to life.