PNJ Engineering

Based in Alcester, Warwickshire, the PNJ Engineering facilities have been developing innovative engineering services for over 20 years. PNJ Engineering proudly homes state-of-the-art machinery, providing industry-leading technology to provide PNJ Engineering customers with the highest quality metal work. PNJ Engineering continues to stay up-to-date with metal work developments and continuously seek out the latest technologies available on the market, placing PNJ Engineering at the forefront of its industry.

PNJ Engineering offers an extensive list of services, from welded fabrications to CNC machining and turning, all of which operate from the PNJ Engineering headquarters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many of PNJ Engineering’s processes are focused on automation, which includes a wide range of robotic capabilities as well as offering manual welding services.

Here at PNJ Engineering, our core values go beyond machine innovations; our values start with PNJ Engineering’s people. Every member of the PNJ Engineering team is trained to develop their own individual skills with maximum support from mentors to enhance the potential of PNJ Engineering as a whole. Amongst our suite of state-of-the-art machinery, PNJ Engineering invests in IT and design technology, meaning PNJ can interface with Solidworks, Solid Edge, Inventor, Unigraphics, Pro/E, catia, and many other solids-based CAD systems, in turn allowing PNJ Engineering to offer its clients design and prototyping services with a very fast turnaround, improving efficiency and customer service for all.

PNJ Engineering takes pride in providing an exciting work climate for its employees, offering opportunities for growth and enhancement to create the best environment for the PNJ Engineering team.